Executive Engagements & Services

Engaging with the C-Suite

We are very well-versed – trained and successful - in working with the C-suite.  We bring this expertise into every engagement.  We know how to help our clients uncover their customer's key business and technology issues that drive executive’s decisions, while matching them with the right solutions. 

Marketing, Selling and Positioning to the C-Suite

Throughout our projects, we infuse – when needed – the business acumen required to help teams move from product selling to consultative / solution selling.

  • We know how to create the right messaging, programs, events that helps sales to get to key executives
  • We have been successful in creating sales presentations with value propositions focused on the executive’s key business issues
  • We create sales enablement tools and training for sales and partners focused on enterprise solutions
  • We can determine the root cause of issues holding your team back

Fishing with a Spear vs. Fishing with a Net - In working with high-growth companies that are accustomed to processes and communication vehicles they used as a smaller organization -- and that now require leveraging more systematic processes in order to scale -- Evolving Collaborations can assist organizations to grow the business in this new, fast-paced environment – including: 

  • Recommendations regarding ways to streamline processes and focus activities towards certain results
  • Account-based Marketing – personalized intelligence on accounts
  • Measurement - Establish KPIs to monitor ROI and manage change


Advisory Councils – Evolving Collaborations has a proven track record of successfully creating the systematic process, facilitation and the ongoing management of advisory councils.

   • Facilitated by Evolving Collaborations in a 3rd-party, unbiased format without the client present - these settings allow customers to provide feedback for improvement surrounding the client’s reputation, business practices, products, pricing, sales, customer support and engagement with the organization. 

   • By leveraging the Evolving Collaborations process pre, during and post the forums, we are able to help clients meet the goals of their organization by extrapolating the key information needed from their customers, so that the client can make the changes required. 

Best Practice Groups – Evolving Collaborations organizes, manages the process, recruits the attendees and facilitates representatives from like-organizations, roles/responsibilities that leverage the unbiased forum to share ideas, business and technology issues, things that work, things that do not, and communicate best practices they have employed. 

Executive Roundtables – focused around specific topic areas, the roundtables allow peer groups to gather and discuss the topic areas driving their business decisions. The event is facilitated by an expert in the topic areas.  He/She drives the discussion and helps the attendees get to answers.  Attendees are also able network with other attendees that are facing the same key issues.