Sales, Marketing, Partner, Channel Services

Global Program Development and Management 

Evolving Collaborations is very accomplished in designing all the key elements of programs; working worldwide, with cross-functional teams and producing the training, adoption, enablement, all communications surrounding the programs as well as measurement of the program's success. This includes:

  • Invitation-only Partner Programs - rewards for achieving specific growth targets. Included - training, marketing support and rewards benefits, incentive funds (joint marketing funding) 
  • Virtual Partner Marketing Programs 
  • Turn-key Programs or Events-in-a-Box 
  • Nurture Email Campaigns 
  • SPIFFs 
  • Partner Funding Programs (MDF, JMF and others)

Enablement: Helping Salespeople Sell 

Sales enablement is a cross-functional strategy designed to provide the support components required to help increase productivity for salespeople, managers and partners - taking them through the entire customer life-cycle. 

Evolving Collaborations has identified trends in organizations that we work with and a few gaps:

  • Marketing creates great assets and tools - sales is not aware of the assets or how to find them
  • Marketing produces assets and the messaging gets changed at the salesperson level before it goes in-front of the prospect / customer
  • Too much information is produced, and it is too hard to weed through

Evolving Collaborations prides itself on creating best practices on how to bridge those gaps. We have the hands-on experience in creating:

  • Sales and Partner Tool Kits 
  • Sales and Partner Playbooks
  • Sales and Partner Portals 
  • Partner Enablement Roadmaps 
  • Account-based Marketing 
  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Customer Support Organizations
  • Communication Plans
  • Assets:  Presentations (Executive, Customer, Partner), Product Briefs, Case Studies, Marketing Overviews

Demand Generation

Evolving Collaborations has a strong background in developing and executing successful demand/lead generation activities and programs.   Establishing plans with measurements embedded allows an organization to track ROI and justify spend.   We work in all areas in demand generation: 

  • Email / Mail Campaigns
  • Clutter Buster Campaigns
  • Webinars
  • Seminar Series
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences 
  • Event Management Services
  • Project Management

Experience in working with Systems / Applications such as  Salesforce, Eloqua, Allocadia, Tableau and others 

For All Engagements - Programs, Demand Generation, Enablement 

We leverage our network of copywriters, web designers and graphic designers in engagements where needed.