Marketing, Sales, Partner Training

Evolving Collaborations has effectively designed and delivered on various training projects. Training is delivered via webinars and/or through workshops.  We have created and provided:

  • New hire sales / marketing training
  • Consultative selling and positioning training
  • Customer product / services training
  • Sales training on how to engage and leverage partners
  • Partner assessment and training
  • On-boarding training for partners
  • Sales / partner training regarding product / solution positioning
  • Virtual Partner Marketing training 

Project Examples:

Assessment of Global Training Providers

Project focused on vetting the global training provider vendors that provide training for the client’s partner account managers and their partners.  Out of 12 global learning providers in the assessment, we were asked to narrow the recommendations to the top 1-2 that would be most effective in helping partners learn how to sell more consultatively and that could provide global services/training.

  • Completed assessment and designed the Global Partner Account Manager & Partner Training Roadmap along with the recommended list of global training providers
  • Provided the appropriate messaging that was to be used in the training for consultative selling techniques and processes

Consultative Selling for Partners

Evolving Collaborations created a Partner Profile Assessment tool so that the client could determine partners who were engaging in consultative selling and who had an organization prepared, from a business and operational structure, to support a consultative selling organization.   Important as the client wanted to slowly move away from product focused, transactional selling partners.

  • Collaborated with client’s marketing, partner account managers and 1500 partners worldwide to complete assessment
  • Those that met the criteria were invited to attend the Consultative Selling Workshop (and 3 other workshops) that Evolving Collaborations designed and delivered at the partner’s WW conference
  • Post the conference, we created a 3-day partner training manual that was delivered over several months as reinforcement, via webinars

Global Partner Program Training 

  • Collaborated with worldwide, cross-functional teams managing the new global partner program
  • We designed training regarding the details of the program.  We  delivered the training to internal sales and partners in the Americas, EMEA and APJC 
  • We created and delivered all enablement tools and communications regarding the program worldwide for both internal sales teams and partners with the goal of ensuring the program was adopted and being rolled out appropriately to partners